Flu Shots Save Lives

CareDox’s Healthy Schools program brings no-cost, in-school flu shots directly to students in your district during the school day. This year, the flu epidemic is the worst in a decade:

  • Over 200,000 hospitalizations in the 2017 - 2018 flu season

  • Over 40 pediatric deaths and counting

  • Countless school closures to avoid the flu from spreading across districts

According to the CDC, flu shots are the most effective line of defense against the flu, reducing the risk of flu by 40 - 60%. Through our contracts with government agencies and insurers, Healthy Schools can vaccinate 100% of the students in your district at no-cost whether they're insured or not. Work with us to protect your district against the worst flu epidemic in a decade.

Healthy Schools enables no-cost, in-school care for your students. Our services:

Flu Shots


Annual Check-Ups

Our process is simple:

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Easy Sign-ups

We drive parent sign-ups through our digital consent platform.

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We manage all logistics, bringing medical staff and supplies directly to your schools.

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No Paperwork

We bill insurance providers for the services rendered to students.


Fewer Absences

In-school health services reduce absenteeism on the day of the service and in the months after.

Trusted by more than 43 districts and counting:

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“[Healthy Schools] has been a valuable partner in keeping our students healthy. The flu situation this year emphasizes your importance. The fact that Nassau has not been as impacted (so far) with the flu, may be in part due to your work."

- Andreu Powell, Director of Intervention, Prevention & Safety Services, Nassau County Schools Florida

Privacy is our priority:

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