How does Healthy Schools provide flu shots to families for a $0 copay?
I am uninsured or underinsured.

All services provided by Healthy Schools are at NO COST to parents or schools. Healthy Schools LLC is a proud participant with the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program which ensures that all uninsured or underinsured children receive their necessary routine vaccinations.  

I am insured by a health insurance company or Medicaid.

If you have health insurance or Medicaid insurance, Healthy Schools will bill your insurance directly at a rate agreed upon with the insurance companies. All vaccinations are at no cost to parents, so your copay is $0.

Why should my child receive a flu shot?

According to the CDC, flu shots are proven to reduce the risk of your student getting the flu and should be given every year. They also reduce flu-related hospitalizations (especially in students with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes) and reduce absenteeism in schools. For more information, see this page on the CDC’s website.

What happens on the school’s clinic day?

On clinic day, Healthy Schools will send a team of nurses to each school at the designated time with all the supplies and vaccines necessary. Students are then called to the clinic and are out of the classroom for a short period of time.

After clinic day, how will I know that my child has received the flu vaccination?

At the time of vaccination, our nurses will provide a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices along with a post-vaccination letter to you child. If you registered online, you will receive an email confirmation.

I received an email from Healthy Schools but was linked to a CareDox registration form. How are the two companies related?

Healthy Schools has partnered with CareDox to facilitate online registration, so that is why you may see the CareDox logo or URL on the online registration form.

Who can I call if I’d like to get more information?

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Healthy Schools at 1-800-566-0596 or email Healthy Schools at

Are you an Occupation Health Group?

No.  Healthy Schools LLC is a Florida based (Jacksonville) Vaccine For Children Provider (which allows for us to provide for the completely uninsured students) working with local schools districts and the local health department to provide school located vaccine clinics (SLVC).

Some parents will ask why they cannot simply check uninsured- the answer is because it’s considered welfare fraud.  The vaccine provided for Medicaid and uninsured students is give at no cost through HHS/CDC- we have to keep the stock(vaccine) separated and qualify that only eligible students received the government provided vaccine.  The vaccines are identical in terms of quality/manufacturer/etc. but we keep lot numbers for verification purposes.

Who receives the consent forms and keeps paperwork?

We will send pre-printed consent forms to each of the participating schools to the attention of the school RN or the point of contact that has been established by the school district.

These forms will go out to all students with the request they are returned within 10 -14 days to their school. The schools will retain the forms until the clinic date.

Who schedules the clinics?

We schedule all of our clinics with the local school district.  We work with the school system to find the best dates, times, and locations that work with the individual school needs, paying special attention to testing days.

Do you provide for all the students?

Yes. All students may participate and there is no cost to families. The benefit is providing better protection against the flu this season.

What is in the flu shot?

Healthy Schools administers the quadrivalent flu vaccine from two manufacturers: Flucelvax ( and Fluzone (

Our vaccines are antibiotic, latex, and preservative free.

They do not contain mercury or Thimersol.