The Healthy Schools Program

Healthy Schools partners with school districts to bring flu shots directly to your children's school, so your child can receive a flu shot during the school day.

Healthy Schools' no-cost, in-school flu shots:

  • decrease the likelihood your child will get the flu

  • decrease the chance of hospitalization

  • reduce student absences

We're excited to partner with your child's school district to bring no-cost flu shots back to your district in the 2018 - 2019 school year. Add your name to our list to receive more information!

“[Healthy Schools] has been a valuable partner in keeping our students healthy. The flu situation this year emphasizes your importance. The fact that Nassau has not been as impacted (so far) with the flu, may be in part due to your work."

- Andreu Powell, Director of Intervention, Prevention & Safety Services, Nassau County Schools Florida

Advice from the CDC & Families Fighting Flu

Center for Disease Control+ Prevention

We've gathered the CDC's best resources to help you protect your child and your family against the flu. Check them out below:

Families Fighting Flu

Healthy Schools also recommends the resources of Families Fighting Flu, an organization that works "to save lives and reduce hospitalizations by protecting all children and their families against influenza." Learn more from their resources:

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