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Toledo Public Schools hosts in-school Flu Clinic for students

"Today students at 7 elementary schools can get the flu shot in-school thanks to Healthy Schools."

Elyria and other districts bringing flu shots from the clinic to the classroom

"The Elyria School District is one of many districts throughout the area working with Healthy Schools. It's an organization that goes inside the schools to provide any student, who has parental consent, a flu shot."

Free flu shots at Wilbur Wright School aimed at reducing absenteeism

"About 100 students and adults took part in a free school flu clinic held Friday at Wilbur Wright School in Cleveland."

Kansas City area schools being proactive when it comes to flu

"Schools are being proactive making sure parents have the resources and information to keep their kids healthy during flu season."

Free flu shots will be given by Healthy Schools Saturday

“Healthy Schools… will hold a clinic for all Jacksonville residents during which any child or adult can be vaccinated for free...”

Free Flu Shots Offered To Duval, Clay Students

“Because of the severity of the flu this year and the flu shot is, according to the CDC, is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. We want to make sure we give every student the opportunity to sign up.”

Tony Boselli works to keep local kids healthy amid nationwide flu epidemic

“We are making sure that any child who a flu shot needs will get one. It’s that simple,” said Boselli, founder and CEO of Healthy Schools. “There is a special urgency due to this year’s serious flu epidemic and Healthy Schools is happy and ready to meet that demand. Please bring your child to one of our clinics next week if you haven’t gotten a shot.”

Tony Boselli hosting last minute flu clinics on the First Coast

“In response to the severe and deadly flu epidemic raging this winter, Healthy Schools... will hold a mid-season clinic for several school districts where any student can be vaccinated…”